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Monday, November 21, 2011

OCM Journey-The Beginning

So I've been doing OCM (Oil Cleansing Method) for 10 days now and overall I'm pretty satisfied with it. Since I'm just starting, I followed the websites recommendation of using Castor Oil and Sunflower Oil. I'm still working on the ratio but right now I'm cleansing with about 15/85 followed with a Cocoa Butter/Vitamin E/Jojoba mix as an added moisturizer (I get the WORST dry patches, especially in the colder months).

I do OCM every night before bed. Even though the oils don't smell bad, I added a few drops of Lavender EO and find that I sleep better. In the morning I use water only, rub a little of my moisturizer in and I'm set to go.

The first few days of doing OCM, I got a couple pimples and a few whiteheads. I didn't put anythng on them and found that they just went away on their own. My face feels soft and I can really tell that the discoloration I have is fading. I can't say that my skin is glowing or that the blackheads in my nose are 100% gone but I can say that my face feels amazing, looks beautiful and I feel better NOT using all the chemicals and man-made solvents on my face!

To learn more about OCM or to read about the journeys of others visit: www.theoilcleansingmethod.com

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