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Friday, October 21, 2011


I wanted to try a plum-y  *burgundy lip but wasn't  sure how I'd like it...I decided that starting off sheer would be best. So I went to get Sephora Brand's lip liner in Pleasantly Plum and their lipgloss in Night Out. Everyone knows how much I hate Sephora inside JCPenney stores but there's no way in hell I was driving all the way to Novi...so off I went! I hit the sale wall first and that's when I saw them: $15 tokidoki Brilliante Glitter Eyeliners on sale for $2.77!!!!! I could NOT pass this up!! I bought 3 of the 5 colors they had: Adios Apple (purple), Skeletro (navy) and Liberty (teal)...#SuperCute

*****UPDATE*****   *****UPDATE*****  *****UPDATE*****  *****UPDATE*****

Since this post I have worn the liner and gloss on a nite out for martinis in Ann Arbor...paired with a teal blazer, simple black dress and grape suede pumps, I was called stylish by our server!! *cheeze*

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

In Search Of...

I need help quick, fast and in a hurry! So Muffin and I are going to the Detroit Opera House to see our friend perform on Saturday! :) But neither of us know what to wear...:(. We're both pretty funky dressers who like to stand out and revel in our own uniqueness (I have no idea if that made ANY sense...LOL!!! Anywho...) but for the opera, we don't want to draw any undue attention away from the performance or the reason that we're there: Our friend's big night! Any suggestions??

Also, who has a good palette of pastel shadows??? I'm in need of one BAD!!!!! I keep seeing all these looks I want to try but I simply don't have the right colors!

Any and all help is greatly appreciated...thanks! <3

OH SNAP!!! I almost forgot: I have a cake order for a baby shower coming up this weekend so a post should be up shortly after that with all the pics!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


I know it's after the fact but I am BEYOND excited!!! LimeCrime had a 24 hour appreciation sale yesterday and were giving 55% off all of their Magic Dust Eyeshadows and Primers. I have yet to try anything from them but have only heard good things! Their shadows are loose and come in little jars. I love the names of each color and on the website have fables to go with each one. The shadows usually run for $14 but with the discount I got two at $6.30 each, plus $5 flat rate shipping, I spent a whopping $17.60!!! I can't wait to try them out but in the meantime and inbetween time, here are some swatches from their site:

Diva, a warm metallic bronze
Dragon Scales, terracotta with green duochrome


Scratch One Off The List

So after seeing COUNTLESS ads...


...finding the PERFECT orange lipstick/gloss became sort of an obsession of mine and instantly became #1 on my list! (And YES I do keep a running list of cosmetics I want! LOL!)

Well I am happy to say that after months of (half-ass) searching, I finally found it!!! Urban Decay's Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color in Punch Drunk and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!
$18 @Sephora

Glides on smooth... Glossy, but not 'I-just-ate-a-tub-of-Vaseline' glossy... Long wearing: I wore it out to a bar the night I bought it, ate, then danced til 2 in the morning and NEVER touched up!!! Didn't wear it with a liner and absolutely ZERO feathering!!! I really can't say enough good things about this great product!

I don't care that it's Fall now, I will wear my bright lips whenever, where ever so HA!! LOL!!!

Next, I'm thinking blue...