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Monday, April 30, 2012

April FOTD: Last Week

Once again, I only did 2 this week which gives me a total of 12 for the month (or 3 shy of my goal)... Even though I didn't reach my goal I'm still proud of me! 12/30 isn't that bad considering a.) It was my first time doing this and b.) I work 2 jobs, bake cakes on the side AND started back going to the gym!!

So without further adieu:

Day 23: Metallics
Day 24: Bold Brows

Gold is always a safe color for me but I really enjoyed doing the bold brows! It was my first time attempting and got tons of compliments!! I used lip liner but I think the next time I try it, I'll take the guru's suggestions and use lipstick...DEFINITELY will be doing this again!

April FOTD: Week 3

This shit is tough!! LOL!! I did accomplish 2 more looks this week though...

Day 16: Bronzed Beauty

Day 17: I Never Wear This Color (Lime Crime's Dragon Scales)

Things I learned this week:
     *Because I was trying to avoid looking orange or unnatural, I went light with the bronzer and ended up looking too natural...#GoBigOrGoHome
     *Idk why I don't wear Dragon Scales more often but I'm gonna fix that!! #SuperPretty

I would've KILLED Day 20 (Rainbow Brite)!!! I didn't have enough time to do what I wanted so I skipped it... Besides, I do bright eyes ALL. THE. TIME!!! LOL!! Anywho...

Hits or Misses...what do you guys think?


My preggo cousin called me 6 days before her son's 5th birthday party, stressing out about the cake (or lack thereof)...seems no bakery in the town she lives in makes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cakes!! Even though it was super short notice and I already had a full work week ahead of me, I couldn't let my cousin go down like that!!


I was given free-range to design it however just as long as it had at least one Ninja Turtle on it and was easily recognizable to kids (no mosaic TMNT this time *le sigh*). After doing some research, asking some friends and looking through what seemed like 1,000,000 pictures, I decided to try this DVD cover:

The beginning phases:

**Notice the phone in close proximity...it's crucial to have a pic nearby when you're free-handing!
Almost finished...
Finished product!!

I could easily point out the mistakes I made in this cake but for a last minute job, I think it looks pretty damn good!! Oh, and if you're wondering if the birthday boy liked it...he didn't!! Turns out he doesn't like the red one...LOL!!!

April FOTD: Week 2

This week was definitely not as productive as the previous week but I did accomplish 2 of the looks and here they are:

Day 10: Ombre

Day 11: All About Liner

I'm not too fond of the ombre look...my "nude" color was too shimmery but I absolutely loved doing the 2 liners!! Tons of compliments came my way that day!! :-) What do you think?

Sunday, April 8, 2012

April FOTD: Week 1

So once again, my goal for Nymphette's challenge calendar is to do at least half...I'm off to a good start! Here's pics from days 1-6:

Day 1: Bold Lips
Day 2: Coral
Day 3: Shop Your Stash
Day 4: Color Blocking

Day 5: Monochromatic

Day 6: Mermaid

Retirement Cake

So my latest cake was made for a woman who attended a baby shower where I had made some cupcakes and cake pops. While I believe this cake is far from my best work, I do think that the logos came out pretty sweet!! I used colored sugar then piped on top of it...can't say that I'll ever do that again though LOL!!! In the end she absolutely loved it and even referred me to some of her people!

Wedding Day/Dottie's Birthday Night

On Saturday, March 17th at 1pm, Mujer married the man she loves!! Tons of pics so I'll jump right to it!

*Pun'kin and I*
*Almost time...*
*Mujer and I*
*Mujer and the in-laws*
*San Fran with the new son and grandson in-law*
*First cut...*

Then that night...

My first attempt at a double wing

A closer look...
Happy 26th Born Day Cuz!!!

Forever Friends

When I was in middle school, I had 2 bestfriends, Erin and Trevina. They both left before high school and we just kinda grew apart. Erin ended up doing me dirty but Trevina, I had always wondered about. Fast forward 13 years: She contacts me on FB about 2 months ago and it turns out she lives 2 towns over from me!! We set up a date to meet up and this is the look I came up with:

This is Trevina...

...and we've been thick as thieves ever since!!

Nita's Wedding

Congratulations goes out to my childhood friend for marrying the love of her life! They are adorable together and I wish them the best! #BlackLove While I didn't make the wedding, I did make the reception. Here's the look I went with:

The bride and I...