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Sunday, July 1, 2012

I've Got a Love/Hate Thing Goin on With My Gym

I've had a membership with my gym since 2007. Seems like I'd be skinny by now...but I'm not! I'll go for a period but it never lasts long. The summer of 2009, my department at IKEA held a "Biggest Loser" competition. There were like 12 of us, we paid $5 each and the winner got the pot! I ended up coming in 2nd place having lost a total of 18.5 lbs!! While I didn't reach my goal weight, I got down to 202 lbs and I felt amazing! Now fast-forward to present day...

I've gained that weight back plus about 30 lbs!

At the end of May, I made decision to start again and really give it an effort. I asked my friend Jason (the buffest dude at work) for a few workout tips and he offered to let me train with him! We do a lot of weight training and some ab work then I do most of my cardio on my own. While I shoot for 5 days a week, if I make it 3 days, I'm happy.

I'm givng myself until March 1st, 2013, to get down to my ideal image. I've also set "mini goals" at 3 month intervals. I don't really like scales and I don't really have a number in mind but I know what I want to look like and that's what I'm gonna make happen! I've dedicated my mom's scale for my weigh-ins, just to make sure I'm on track. The last time I weighed was 2 weeks ago (or 2 weeks in) and I was down 3 lbs! The next time I weigh-in will be in a week and I'm hoping for another 5 lb loss.

Another goal I have is to post periodic updates sooo look out for those!!

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