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Monday, April 30, 2012

April FOTD: Last Week

Once again, I only did 2 this week which gives me a total of 12 for the month (or 3 shy of my goal)... Even though I didn't reach my goal I'm still proud of me! 12/30 isn't that bad considering a.) It was my first time doing this and b.) I work 2 jobs, bake cakes on the side AND started back going to the gym!!

So without further adieu:

Day 23: Metallics
Day 24: Bold Brows

Gold is always a safe color for me but I really enjoyed doing the bold brows! It was my first time attempting and got tons of compliments!! I used lip liner but I think the next time I try it, I'll take the guru's suggestions and use lipstick...DEFINITELY will be doing this again!


  1. Gorgeous as always, but especially I LOVE your eyebrows! You'll have to show me how to get mine sleek & chic like yours!

    1. Why thank you! Your brows aren't too shabby either! LOL!!