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Monday, April 30, 2012


My preggo cousin called me 6 days before her son's 5th birthday party, stressing out about the cake (or lack thereof)...seems no bakery in the town she lives in makes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cakes!! Even though it was super short notice and I already had a full work week ahead of me, I couldn't let my cousin go down like that!!


I was given free-range to design it however just as long as it had at least one Ninja Turtle on it and was easily recognizable to kids (no mosaic TMNT this time *le sigh*). After doing some research, asking some friends and looking through what seemed like 1,000,000 pictures, I decided to try this DVD cover:

The beginning phases:

**Notice the phone in close proximity...it's crucial to have a pic nearby when you're free-handing!
Almost finished...
Finished product!!

I could easily point out the mistakes I made in this cake but for a last minute job, I think it looks pretty damn good!! Oh, and if you're wondering if the birthday boy liked it...he didn't!! Turns out he doesn't like the red one...LOL!!!

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