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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Super Sale!!!

Last weekend Old Navy had an extra 50% off their clearance and even though I was only there for a hot second, I cleant (yes, cleant) up...four items for $11 and some change!!! Here's the low down:

First up, this Teal Oversized Sweater! Unfolded it looks like a blob with sleeves but I swear it's cute on!!


Next up, these Red Skinny Jeans! I wanted these when they first came out in early fall but my granny always told me that if the price ain't right to wait a while and come back, if your size is still there when they go on sale then it was meant to be!! I am sooo glad I waited!!


Next up, this Hot Pink Belted Tunic! I'm envisioning this with some funky colored leggings and some sky-high platforms...

98 cents!!

And finally, this amazing Brown Dress (with rouched shoulders and a hi-low hem)!! When I find some free time I plan on adding some beading and embroidary!

98 cents!!

What good deals have you gotten lately??

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