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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy 45th Birthday Aaron!!

I guess I always took the enthusiasm my family has towards birthdays for granted. My mom's fiancee turned 45 on the 25th and his mother didn't even mention it, his own son didn't even call him until after 7pm...to take it a step further, he's never been thrown a party!! Everyone acts as though it's just another day! I sensed the hurt and disappointment in my mother's texts as she told me all this. He may not be my favorite person in the world but I'd do just about anything (in my power) to make my mom smile...I decided that if nobody else would then WE'D make a big deal out of his special day!! Mujer invited a few folks over, I cooked dinner for everyone, made a birthday cake and even bought him balloons!! (Not to mention the 2 BEAUTIFUL Michael Kors ties and 3-pack of Cole Haan dress socks I bought him as a gift... :-) ) 

I really think he liked the cake because as soon as he saw it he started taking pictures of it!!

The birthday boy (er, man)!!