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Sunday, January 1, 2012

What did Santa bring you??

So Christmas was a week ago and things are starting to get back to normal... I hope all of you had a fantastic (and safe) Christmas!! Although Christmas isn't really about the presents, I got some pretty good gifts related to the things that I love: Muffins and Makeup!!!

First up, Muffin got me a Cake Pop Maker and an awesome palette of neutrals! She also made me 2 bracelets...
It's supposed to be a muffin on the homemade card but I think it looks more like a cupcake...LOL!!


Flirt! Pretty Neutrals Ltd. Ed. Palette

Next, LaKendra got me the awesome Sephora MoonShadow Baked Palette (in In The Dark) that I'd been eyeing, a double box of e.l.f. lashes and an e.l.f. lipstick, plus 2 weird Avon lipstick/lipgloss duo thingies (more about those at a later date)...

Pun'kin bought me the slow cooker I've been dying for as well as a Martha Stewart Double-Decker Cupcake carrier...and to be honest, I f'in LOVE it!!!!!

And the mother of them all actually came from my mommy...LOL!!! She bought me the dopest metal train case for my makeup: It has countless drawers and compartments which are totally customizable...it even came with an extra lid and strap to make it into 2 completely separate cases!! That bitch on wheels too...LOL!!! Then to top it off, her fiancee got me a $50 gift card to Ulta!! *faints*


How did you make out??


  1. lol i cant wait to see what u have to say about the Avon duo thing...i still think its SWEET as hell tho!!

  2. O and that train case is outta control! u didnt tell me u could make it into 2 separate ones!