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Monday, January 9, 2012

Scratch Another One Off The List

REWIND: A while back in a blog entitled: Scratch One Off The List, I talked about how I found the perfect orange lip color and at the end of it I mentioned wanting to try blue next. I'd only seen pictures of said blue on a Bing search and all the brands I thought would produce a product did not! MAC, MUFE, Illamasqua, NARS, UD, Kat Von D, Wet'N'Wild...nothing! (Well actually, Illamasqua does make my blue lipstick, Disciple, but it's not available in the US...O__o)  I don't want a baby blue or a cobalt blue, I want a rich navy!

FAST FORWARD: Lime Crime released some limited edition lip glosses called Carousel Gloss before Christmas...I know I'm late but as soon as I saw Loop-de-Loop, I was in LOVE!!! Even though it's only $17 (plus $5.95 flat-rate shipping), I'm a poor person! Money definitely stands in the way of dreams sometimes but my granny saved the day (she's the BESTEST!!)!!! Thanks to her my package should be here and on my lips within a few days! Here's the picture from the website:

Described on the website as: "Deep sapphire-blue with iridescent sparkle..." #TooGeeked


  1. I like bold lip colors, but I usually stray away from them because I have fuller lips. Do you think it's possible to wear such bold lip color with full lips? Be sure to check out our giveaway that ends tomorrow. Check us out at www.istylellc.com under The New Year is Here! Timmi of Istyle

  2. Hi Timmi!! I say DO IT GIIIRL!!! I believe more in the condition of your skin and color choice than the shape of your lips in being a factor in pulling something off. I'm also a believer that anything is possible when worn in confidence!! Just make sure the undertones of the lip color compliments your skin tone and white teeth are a MUST (bold lips draw people's eyes to your mouth.)!! I'm sure you've already seen some, but look at a few of Destiny Godley's YouTube videos on lips/lip colors...she has super full lips and doesn't shy away from anything! Or check out fatshopaholic.com...her and her style give me the extra push needed sometimes to try things (make-up and fashion-wise) that are typically out of the norm.

    Make sure to send me a pic when you do it! :-)