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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Last Night...

So my PIC Muffin (real name: Danae), better known in the blogging world as Le Thrifty Madre, had a birthday this past Tuesday and she turned the BIG 2-1!!! WHOO WHOO!!! To celebrate we got all dolled up and went to Brick's of Northville (AKA my job) and had a BALL!!! Rum & Cokes, dancing, food and cake, dancing, Ciroc & Cranberry, and MORE dancing!!! Alright, enough with this boring crap...ON TO THE PICS!!!

Me with a CRAZY cat eye...

Look at how cute she is!

Introducing: Brandy, server and friend!

Muffin's birthday dessert that I snuck in the kitchen and made especially for her! *heart*

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  1. Beauty & joy!

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