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Sunday, September 4, 2011

New Adventure

I...LOVE...FASHION!!!!! But the desire to look good consumes SOOO much money! Sure, I consider myself to be a pretty savvy shopper (Clearance's rack is my bestfriend) but sometimes that's not enough...so a few weeks ago I made the decision to try thrifting!

Yesterday was my first venture into Value World. It was a little scary at first (just being honest) but after a while it became almost like a scavenger hunt...I was bound and determined to find at least one good thing! And then it happened...

My first find was a t-shirt. It has some fading for a slight vintage look. I want to try distressing and cutting it up a little to see how "edgy" I can make it (pics to come). Next I found this vest and I am TOO geeked about it!!!

This, my friends, is a vest made by a little company named LUX...(cheese!). If you shop at Urban Outfitters, then you are well familiar with this brand. Something like this would normally retail for about $50 and I snagged it for: (drumroll, please...) $3.60!!! The metal adjuster in the back is missing but SO WHAT!?!? LOL!! Lastly, I found these cute little kitten heels and I have big dreams for these...

RAMPAGE and only $3.20!! Two small blemishes but hardly noticeable. I'm thinking something floral... :) 

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